Scandinavian Interior Design Concepts

Scandinavian Interior Design has quickly become popular around the world. Inspired by Scandinavian architectural principles, it is a style that uses simplicity and bold colors to create a comfortable lifestyle. The use of natural materials like wood and stone are common, as well as the use of muted colors that blend into one another. The look is simple and calm, but full of personality!

Scandinavian Interior Design is here to stay. Scandinavian Interior Design is a fusion of the old and the new, and the traditional and the modern. It’s a design style that is based on simplicity, functionality, and minimalism.

The main idea behind this style is to create an open space filled with natural light so you feel relaxed when you enter your home or office space even if it might not look like much from outside..

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Scandinavian Interior Design: Early Modernism

The Scandinavian design philosophy is to make the home beautiful, comfortable and functional. It blends the ideas of functionalism and minimalism.

The concept of early modernism in Scandinavia began in the 1920s when a group of designers called “De fem” (the five) won an international contest for their proposal for a new town hall in Stockholm. Their design became a model for many other public buildings built during this period such as banks, museums, libraries and schools across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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The Swedish Home Decor

Swedish interior design is all about the people. The concept behind the Swedish ‘people’s home’ is to create a place where you can feel at home and relax. This means that it should be easy to live in, with everything within reach and nothing above eye level. The light wood floors are intended to make you feel more energized and positive about your surroundings, as well as encourage you to move around more freely without fear of breaking something fragile or expensive. Nevertheless a light colored rug can be gamechanging too. If you cannot affort one, stretching your old carpet is a wise decision, since we have a DIY post about Carpet Stretching

Decor Based on lifestyle

 The goal of this type of design is to create spaces that are in harmony with their surroundings. There are many concepts that are part of the Scandinavian lifestyle, but all revolve around two basic principles: simplicity and functionality. These two qualities result in beautiful, comfortable living spaces where families can gather together without distraction or stress.

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Scandinavian Interior Design: Minimalistic Decor

Scandinavian interior design is here to stay. The minimalist look has been popularized by the Swedish people of the 50s and 60s, but it was never really about just style.

Scandinavian lifestyle is centered by minimalism and function. These concepts are at the heart of Nordic home décor, as well as industrial design, architecture and urban planning.

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Characteristic Design

  • Minimalistic design
  • Functional design
  • Understated design
  • Modern design
  • Simple design
  • Versatile design

The most important aspect of this style is that it can easily blend with other styles. This makes it a good choice for those who want to create a unique and personal style in their homes without having to commit to one specific look.

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Vintage vs Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

Combining the old with the new is a common theme in Scandinavian design. While it’s easy to assume that this means they recycle pieces from previous generations, that’s not necessarily true. Instead, they may be using different materials, colors or styles — all while creating an aesthetic that feels fresh and modern.

For example, a Scandinavian interior might include vintage brass hardware on a modern sofa set (Read About Sofa Color Guide) against cool gray walls and floors. Or perhaps you’ll find an old wooden or bamboo table paired with sleek leather chairs in geometric shapes. There are endless possibilities for mixing up traditional elements in unique ways that keep things interesting yet still cohesive!

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Scandinavian Interior Design: Keeping it Simple

It is important to keep the space uncluttered, with few objects and furniture pieces so that the eye is not distracted. The only way to do this effectively is by choosing furniture that fits in with your overall style but won’t overwhelm your space.

  • Use different textures in the room. This can be done by using materials with contrasting finishes, such as wood and metal, or by mixing different types of wood furniture to have a different looking home.
  • Use different patterns for the wallpaper and curtains. A monochrome patterned curtain can tie together all the other elements in your living room while adding an interesting touch to it at the same time.
  • Use different colors for accessories such as square vases and decorative lamps. For example, if you have a red sofa then you could add some yellow accents to complement it – like a lampshade or table runner!

They have mastered the art of blending elements of old with new, creating a look that’s both classic and modern at the same time. They also have been able to add texture and layers for interest without getting messy or overwhelming.

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