Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran

 Nature Wonders in Iran are tourist destination for many people. The country has a rich history and culture. However, there are some natural features that make nature wonders in Iran stand out from other countries in the world. Here are five of them:

1. Halileh Village, South Khorasan Province

Halileh village is located in the Zagros Mountains, South Khorasan province of Iran. It is a popular tourist destination due to its natural springs and traditional houses. Halileh village is also famous for being home to a number of high-quality handicrafts and decorative crafts made by local residents. And of course foods, give Tahchin, or Ash reshteh a taste and something about you will change for good.

These handmade products are highly sought after by tourists who want to take home a piece of this unique village with them. Halileh village is located about 20 kilometers southwest of Bushehr port. Hazar Mardan area is very famous in this village. In some old Arabic and Persian geographical texts, a city called “Bi Shahr” or “Baheshar” is mentioned in the peninsula.

It seems that based on this address, the location of this city should be in the present-day province of Khuzestan, but “Abd al-Hossein Ahmadi Roimhari”, a researcher and historian of Bushehri, considers it to be in Bushehr and writes: “Old Bushehr (the same city) from the beginning of Khosrow’s reign. Anushirvan Sasani onwards – due to the fresh water wells there, it has become more economically prosperous than Roshehar (Ray Shahr).

It is widely believed that during the Sassanid rule, “Rosher” (Risher) was the center of government and the seat of “Shahrek”, the Persian border guard, and Bushehr (Bisher) was also considered as a border area under the border control of people with the nickname “Hazarmard”. The evidence close to proving this claim is the existence of the ancient land of “Hazarmardan” located in the north of today’s Helaila, whose name still remains in the language of the people of Helaila, and “Hazarmardan” was also a nickname given by the Sassanid kings to the generals and rulers of the cities.

Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - Halileh Village, South Khorasan Province

2. Hormuz Island

Iran nature is large, but one of the most popular places to visit is this Island. Hormuz Island is an part of nature wonders in Iran located in the Persian Gulf, off Iran’s southern coast. It has a population of around 10,000 people and was once home to ancient civilizations that flourished before the arrival of Islam in Iran.

So,It is actually iron oxides that cause the characteristic color and the darker sand actually causes the waves to take on an intense and reddish hue. It takes days for the color to fade from your skin once you bathe in these waters. 

Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - Hormuz Island

3. Khosh Yeilagh lagoon

Khosh Yeilagh lagoon, located in Iran’s southern part, is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is located in Khuzestan province and it is a popular tourist destination because of its wild lifestyle and beautiful landscape. The lagoon has an area estimated at 468 square kilometers with a maximum depth of six meters, which makes it home to a variety of wildlife such as fish, birds and turtles, and to to mention foods and sweets such as Tulumba.

Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - Khosh Yeilagh lagoon

4. Lut Desert, Kerman Province

The Lut Desert, located in the southeast of Iran, is the world’s largest salt desert. It covers large parts of Kerman Province and some parts of Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The desert has an extremely hot climate which doesn’t allow any plant or tree growth. Sand dunes that surround this flat terrain can reach heights up to 300 meters high.

The Lut Desert is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning natural beauty and rich history which dates back over 200 years ago when nomadic tribes started to settle down here as refugees from wars taking place across Persia at that time.

Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - Lut Desert, Kerman Province

5. Shoor River, Fars Province

The Shoor River is a river in the Fars Province of Iran. It is the largest river in Iran with a total length of 1,300 kilometres (810 mi). The river originates from two main tributaries: the Lar and the Cheshmeh Langar. Both rivers make their own contribution to the Shoor River further downstream.

The Shoor River flows through Shiraz City where it meets its main tributary, Zayandeh Rud River (a canal originally built during Achaemenid Empire). There are several dams on this river such as Dez Dam near Varzaneh and Darband Dam near Amlash that provide hydroelectricity to southern part of Fars province.

Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - Shoor River, Fars Province

Things to Know Before Travelling to Iran

  • You can wear shorts and miniskirts as long as they are not above your knees.
  • You can also wear sleeveless shirts but not that sexy.
  • Don’t forget to take off your hat or sunglasses when you enter a public building or place of worship.
  • Make sure you don’t carry any kind of weapon with you because it is illegal in Iran, so don’t even think about having a knife in your pocket!

Nature Wonders in Iran: Most Beautiful City

If you’re looking for the most modern and beautiful city in Iran, Tehran is your choice. The capital city of the country, it is also home to a variety of universities and some of the best museums in Iran. So, if you are interested in experiencing Iranian culture, Esfahan would be your first choice.

Esfahan is famous for its historical monuments including Naqshe Jahan Square which has been compared to Taj Mahal as well as Imam Mosque with magnificent tile work on all four sides depicting scenes from Quran (the holy book).

Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - What is the Most Beautiful City in Iran?

Shiraz is another great place for culture lovers where you can visit Persepolis (an ancient capital built by Darius) or Sa’d Abad Museum which showcases historical artifacts from different periods.

Finally Tabriz which was once known as the “Paris” of Iran has so much history behind it that it will take days just to explore all its attractions such as Blue Mosque with 7 minarets and 5 domes shaped like onions; Sheikh Safi-od-Din Mausoleum; Tekkyeh mosque (Friday Mosque); Saint Mary Church; Jafar Mosque Etc.

5 Do’s & Don’ts in Iran

  1. Don’t be rude to people.
  2. Don’t talk about politics.
  3. Don’t wear shorts or mini skirts in public (you’ll get tons of stares).
  4. Don’t swear, especially at the police or security forces. It is not uncommon for tourists to be arrested for swearing at Iranian police officers because they have power to charge you with “public disruption”.
  5. Do respect women’s rights and don’t use any disrespectful words towards them as it is strictly forbidden by law! This also includes using any disrespectful words towards your mother should she ever tell you something similar when she finds out about this article…
Top 5 Nature Wonders in Iran - Do’s & Don'ts in Iran

Are Americans & Canadians Welcome in Iran?

With the recent diplomatic tensions between the United States and Iran and more to the America’s policy, many people are wondering if they will be able to visit Iran. The short answer is yes, but only with a visa.

If you are a Canadian citizen and are planning to give nature wonders in Iran a try, you should know that you will need a passport with at least six months of validity, proof of onward travel (in case your stay does not exceed 30 days), and a tourist visa if you plan on staying longer than 15 days. The process can be lengthy so it’s best to start early!

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