Countries that Start With Q

When talking about countries that start with Q, the answer is simple – Qatar is the only country in the world that starts with the letter “Q”. Qatar is a small but extremely rich country in the Middle East. It has the fifth highest per capita income in the world, thanks to its vast oil and gas reserves.

A sovereign country located in Southwest Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a coastline on the Persian Gulf and is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south, Abu Dhabi to the southeast, and Dubai and Oman to the east.

Countries that Start With the Letter "Q"

Regions & Countries That Start With Q

Qatar is the only country name that starts with the letter “Q”. The name of this country is Qatar because of its original inhabitants. Who were nomadic Bedouin tribe members who lived off sheep herding and date cultivation?

Some many regions’ names begin with Q. Some are Quebec, Qatar, and Queensland, but as mentioned before, only one country name starts with Q!

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The Letter “Q”

Q is the only letter that is not on the top row of a keyboard. It is also the only letter that is not on the first line of a keyboard, and it’s also the only one that isn’t on your bottom row as well. That makes Q an outcast because it doesn’t fit in with its fellow letters, which are all about fitting in.

Originally a voiceless uvular plosive produced way back in the mouth, qop signifies a k-like sound. Greeks originally used the letter koppa to represent /k/ before a backward vowel; however, classical Greeks preferred kappa, and koppa was officially abandoned.

Countries that Start With the Letter "Q" the letter Q

Countries that Start With Q: Qatar

The country’s natural gas reserves have given it great wealth, making it the world’s richest country per capita. Qatar has become known for being able to pump out gas at an extremely low cost by using hydraulic fracturing (fracking). The use of this technology has allowed Qatar to emerge as the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), exporting more than 80 million tons annually in 2016 alone!

the 5 interesting facts about qatar

5 Interesting Facts about Qatar

Despite being the only country starting with the letter “Q” in terms of flatness, Qatar ranked second in the world. The country is quite apartment-sized, but you probably did not know just how apartment-sized it is. In fact, Qatar is the second flattest country in the world, as its highest point is just 338 feet. Only the Maldives is flatter, with a highest point of six feet. That’s good news for cyclists and runners, bad news for hikers. Qatar has some great food, such as Mutabal and Hommus; click the link to read the full recipe.

the expansion of qatar

1. The Expansion

Qatar is 2 feet more expansive than it was 400 years ago. It may not seem like much, but over the past four centuries, Qatar has slowly risen due to geological uplift.

the competitiveness

2. The Competitiveness

In Qatar, people are very competitive and love to be among the winners. That is why they are happy to announce that they have the best airport in the world according to the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2021.

the airports of qatar

3. The Airports

If you have ever been in Hamad International Airport AKA “HIA”, you’ll know why it’s rated so highly – from the fantastic public art to the smooth operations. The airport also boasts the longest runway in West Asia at 15,912 feet and the sixth longest in the world.

the airways of qatar

4. The Airways

The world’s best airline is Qatar Airways. In the 2021 Skytrax Awards, Qatar Airways, the national carrier, won Airline of the Year for the sixth consecutive year. With a 16-hour and 30-minute scheduled flight between Doha and Auckland, Qatar Airways is also one of the few airlines that fly to all seven continents.  

the shell dye of al khor island

5. The Shell Dye

Al Khor Island is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Qatar, thanks to its vast mangrove forest, which you can kayak around. Archeologists have made findings dating back to the second millennium BC, and the area was the first in the world to produce purple shell dye, which is why it is also known as Purple Island.
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facts about qatar

“The official language in Qatar is Arabic. In addition to Arabic, many people speak English, French, Spanish, and German. A significant number of people also speak Russian and Chinese.”

Countries that End With “Q”

Such as Qatar, which is the only country starting with “Q.” The only country that ends with the letter “Q” is Iraq. The Arabic word عراق means “hem,” “bank,” “bench,” or “edge,” so the name folk-etymologically interpreted as “steep slope,” such as in the south and east of the Jazira Plateau, which forms the northern and western edges of the “al-Iraq arabi” area.  

Countries that end With the Letter "Q" iraq

About Iraq (The only Country that Ends With a “Q”)

Known as an independent kingdom since 1932, Iraq was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. Although a “republic” was declared in 1958, military strongmen have governed the country since then, including Saddam Hussein.

With a rich history, a vibrant lifestyle, and resilient people, Iraq is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. A 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck this country recently near the Iraq-Iran (learn more about Iran’s nature) border. Hundreds of people lost their lives, and thousands more were injured. Following the recent war in Iraq and the subsequent conflicts, the public has been on edge and their tarnished image.

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